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Production Process

The material comes directly from a (Frigorífico) then it gets tanned according to the law of companies that tans close to the suppliers, looking for a better quality of the material on the very beginning of the process.

After the material is shipped to the company a pre-selection is taken as first step directing the leather to the production according to the quality requested by the costumer on its final state.

The process get started on the re-tanning point, which does add some tint and oil based products always according to the costumer’s request.

This process has the objective to keep the leather as much closer as possible to the softness and resistance wanted for that specific type of product.

There are various finishing types all made of water based, oil, wax and solvents attending the international law and patterns.

The pre-finished and finished bovine leather is usually used for automobilistic upholstery, aeronautic and upholstery with a technical appraisal, furniture upholstery, shoes and artifacts.