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The company Couros Premium has over 30 years of experience into the leather market. Always working with such an effort onto development of a product full of quality, the company itself has its focus on keep the technologies used within the process up to date currently with the newest options out there in the market also takes these steps as well to improve the capabilities of its employees throughout courses and certificates related to security and working quality. With such diversity of specialized finishing, we offer our services within national and international market with these three categories:

  • Upholstery
  • Shoes
  • Artifact

Out there on the international market we have clients:

Asia: South Korea, China
Europe: Italy, Portugal, Spain
North America: Canada, United States

In Brazil we have agents over the states: Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Goiás and Distrito Federal

Other places but those above our company does attend by itself with the internal agents.

Located at Fernandópolis, São Paulo we have the privilege to be right on one of the main transportation route of the country.

Our logistics counts on the greatest transportation companies to assure security, quality and speed to delivery our products.

Our sales and representative section has a group of professional and certified employees qualified and prepared to manage and fulfill the needing of our clients



321, Pernambuco st.
Parque Industrial
Fernandópolis - SP

Telefone: +55 17 3442-2582

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